NCDOT to clean up roadside after CBS 17 viewer points out miles of trash


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Viewer complaints to CBS 17 about a trash-strewn portion of a road has resulted in action to get it cleaned up.

The problem area is along Old Stage Road. The debris is unsightly but the NCDOT promises CBS 17 it’ll soon be gone.

Old Stage Road winds its way from Wake to Johnson county and there are portions of it that don’t have a lot of roadside “curb appeal” because of the trash that has accumulated along the right of way.

There are signs next to the road warning folks it’s illegal to litter, but it’s obviously being ignored.

Since July 2018, the NCDOT says it has cost $1.2 million to clean up roadside trash just in the Raleigh/Durham area alone.

“Taxpayer dollars are being used to clean up the trash and we could better use that money elsewhere,” said NCDOT spokesman Sean Williams.

Viewer Toni Alvarez complained about the amount of trash along Old Stage Road saying it’s been a frustrating situation for six years and Alvarez asked who is responsible for removing it. 

Because it’s a state road, that falls to the NCDOT.

“It’s helpful for us to get notified by citizens,” said Williams.

The portion of the road with the worst amount of trash is a 5.5 mile stretch between Seastone Street and N.C. 42, which the officials say is long enough to justify sending out a clean-up contractor.

“They need 10 miles of shoulder to go and pick up this trash,” said Williams. “That could be 5 miles either down and back, but they need a 10-mile threshold to go out and pick it up.”

Much of the debris includes bags of trash along with stuff that looks like drivers just tossed it from passing vehicles.

The NCDOT says its contractor has a time limit in which to take action.

“They’ll have 30 days once notified by our folks to figure out a plan to go out and clean up the trash,” he said.

Williams said officials didn’t know about the problem until CBS 17 brought it to their attention and we didn’t know about it until a viewer alerted us.

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