Raleigh driver looking for truck responsible for material that damaged his car


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – An incident on the highway prompted a viewer to come to CBS 17. His car was damaged on the way home from work.

Alan Buck was on driving southbound on the beltline just near the Western Boulevard interchange Tuesday night. He said his car was damaged by a material flying off another vehicle.

“There was a construction work-type truck pulling a trailer with a lot of industrial equipment on the back,” Buck said.

As he approached the truck, he said he noticed a thick mist coming from the trailer area and there was something in that trailer leaking fluid all over the road.

Realizing it could cause a problem, he wanted to record the company name on the side of the truck.

“I reached for my phone to take a picture and my wife called,’’ he said. “I grab my phone and got distracted and forgot to take a picture of the truck.”

Buck said he just had his Lexus detailed the day before and was worried about the spray from the truck messing up his vehicle.

So, when he got home, he went to wipe off his car and discovered hundreds of spots on the grill, hood, and sides of the car where the paint had dissolved and the metal below now shows.

He posted about the incident on Facebook in hopes that someone driving the beltline might have also seen that same leaking truck.

He got a lot of replies, some offering suggestions, but none identifying the truck.

“Two people said they also saw the truck at the same time but they didn’t get the name either,” he said.

Someone also suggested on Facebook that Alan ask the North Carolina Department of Transportation for help. They happen to have a camera that covers that portion of the road, but the agency told CBS 17 it does not record the feeds from any traffic cameras.

NCDOT spokesman Steve Abbot said that with hundreds of cameras around the state, they generate over 100,000 hours of video every week. The DOT said that’s too much to archive

Ideally, NCDOT recommends if you have that kind of issue on the highway, call 911 immediately and let law enforcement pull the vehicle over. Getting a license plate number helps too.

Buck believes there may be other motorists who also had their cars damaged Tuesday.

“I find it hard to believe I was the only one,” he said. “There were probably 10 to 15 cars going into the left lane to pass that truck.” 

If something like that happens to you and you have to have your vehicle’s paint repaired, auto body shops tell CBS 17 most comprehensive policies will cover the repair, minus your deductible.

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