Rental scams: What you need to know to keep your summer vacation from turning into a nightmare


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)– As we move towards a more normal summer, many of us are anxious to take the vacation we didn’t get last year, but scammers are out there waiting to turn your ideal vacation into a nightmare. 

By air, land and sea — we’re heading out this summer and scammers are waiting for you. 

“Travel scams remain one of the riskiest scams the BBB sees, “said Mallory Wojciechowski of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern NC.”It always ranks in our top ten of most riskiest scams.” 

The average victim loses $1,300 to travel cons, according to the BBB, especially when they try and do it themselves. 

“You need to avoid broad internet searches,” said Wojciechowski. “Sometimes if you put in ‘best deal,’ you’ll be lead  to a scam and an untrustworthy  site.” 

To protect yourself from criminals who are creating fake listings to get your cash or personal information, you need to make sure you’ve got everything nailed down. 

Get all the details in writing, including: 

  • What your final payment will be 
  • When the final payment is due 
  • The cancellation policies 

In these days of cancelled airline flights and other unknowns you also need to make sure you have travel insurance, but know what you are buying.

“It’s important to read the fined print on travel insurance maker sure you know what will be covered and what wouldn’t,” Wojciechowski said. 

Another way to protect yourself from a vacation scam is to go though a travel agent or a travel service. 

Those agencies can remove a lot of the stress you’d encounter by booking it yourself, and many times they can find you a better deal that you could get searching by yourself. 

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