RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — One year after the FCC required phone carriers to implement spam blocking software, robocalls are on the decline.

However, they are being replaced by a new problem — robotexts.

Experts regard robotexts as the next generation of scams, with thieves taking advantage of the technology that’s currently not covered by any law prohibiting its use.

Robocalls have long been a scammer’s delight, inundating your phone with hundreds of automatically dialed calls. However, the addition of software known as “stir/shaken” has begun to make a dent in those calls.

“The number of scam robocalls has dropped in half,” said Katie Craig of the North Carolina Public Interest Research Group.

As a result, the scammers have turned instead to the robotext, according to a new report by that agency.

“I’ve seen a steady increase in texts,” said Raleigh resident Mike Davis.

How much of an increase? Those who track these things say that robotexts are up 12-fold.

The firm robokiller, says it’s seen spam texts jump from just over 1.5 million in June of 2021 — to nearly 12 billion by last month.

Raleigh resident Nymeeche Johnson is frustrated by Robotexts calling them “an annoyance.”

The problem is, robotexts are not covered by the law aimed at spoofed robocalls.

Craig said there are some ways consumers can deal with robotexts:

  • Be wary of these texts and what they are asking for
  • Don’t click on any links you are not aware of
  • Call the company they are claiming to be from to confirm if it’s a legitimate scenario or not

The chairwoman of the FCC is proposing new rules to prohibit robotexts — but that won’t happen anytime soon.

“I just delete them after a while,” said Johnson.

In North Carolina, you can report spam texts to the attorney general’s office using an online link found here. At the site, just fill out the form. You’ll also need to note the number the call or text came from.

The Federal Trade Commission is also interested in those texts.

You can forward a spam text using the numerical equivalent of the word SPAM at 7726. That should get it to the right people to investigate it.