APEX, N.C. (WNCN) – An Apex man is frustrated with a local mattress seller who he claims is avoiding dealing with his complaints. 

After a year of trying to resolve the issue himself, he turned to CBS 17 Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia for answers. 

Brad Langer now has had three mattresses in a year from Mattress Warehouse installed in his home, and he claims all three have had problems. 

“What are the astronomical odds that someone could purchase three brand new different brand mattresses in a row from a well-known place like Mattress Warehouse and they would be defective,” Langer said.  

He calls the situation “frustrating.” 

Langer said the most recent mattress in his home was purchased Dec. 31, 2021, and two months later he said it had issues. 

This mattress starts to sag on two locations on my side and my wife’s side,” Langer said. 

His problems with the store began in Sept. 2021 with the purchase of a Serta mattress that he said started to sag about one month later. 

It proved defective and we went back to the store in mid-October and bought a Sterns & Foster,” Langer said. 

The company delivered the mattress, and about 60 days later, he said the Sterns & Foster started to sag, too. 

That brings us to mattress No. 3.   

After complaining, the company sold Langer a frame for it which the store’s manager installed himself. 

He puts the frame together and there’s still a problem,” Langer said. 

Langer told CBS 17 he tried to get the company to resolve the issue, but he claims it has been non-responsive. 

“The last thing I expected was for them to completely ghost me,” he said. 

Turns out Langer isn’t the only one who has issues with the company. 

The Better Business Bureau has received 228 complaints, and its records show only resolved 59 — that’s 25 percent.

Steve Sbraccia/CBS 17

The North Carolina Attorney General’s office tells CBS 17 it’s received 11 complaints about Mattress Warehouse, with four of them received in the last two years. 

CBS 17 repeatedly tried to get the company to respond, sending emails a week apart to the company’s corporate office. Those have not been answered.  

“I’d like my money back,” Langer said. “The last mattress was $3,399.99. I would like that back.” 

CBS 17 advised Langer that he should contact the attorney general’s office.

He did and filed a formal complaint.

The AG’s consumer division replied by letter on Wednesday, Aug. 17, telling Langer its given Mattress Warehouse 15 days to respond.  

CBS 17 will keep you updated.