RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With the Super Bowl coming, it’s a motivating factor for people to buy a new TV to watch the game. Before you run out to make that purchase, you need to know what to look for. 

When it comes to TVs, you’ve got a ton of options and sizes, but that’s not all you need to think about. 

There’s OLED and QLED,  4k and 8k, Dolby Atmos and all kinds of tech choices too.

First you need to know what that will cost you.

Right now TV prices are some of the best you’ll see, and sometimes with deep discounts. 

“These are the prices that compare to Black Friday or Cyber Monday or other big holiday shopping times of the year,” said Jacob Palmer of Best Reviews

First, let’s explain the difference between QLED AND OLED. 

We asked our partners at the Nexstar-owned BestReviews to explain OLED which is top of the line. 

“It creates an ‘oh wow’ experience because they can achieve darker blacks and brighter colors,’’ said Palmer. 

They also are the most expensive TVs on the market. 

The QLED is a step lower in picture quality and varies depending on the price. 

There’s a high variance between the high price point QLED and the low price point,” said Palmer. “You’ll see the difference.” 

Then there’s 8K resolution versus the 4K resolution. 

CBS 17 asked Palmer what the limitation is on how much resolution the human eye can detect. 

“The limitation on the viewer is how the  content creators shoot  the content itself,” he said. “There’ s not many content creators using 8K Cameras [and] sports isn’t in 8K yet.” 

So you’re going to want to look at TVs with 4K resolution in either OLED or QLED.  

“There are also deals on other models out there, depending on your price point,” said Palmer.   “There are some solid budget TVs out there and the Amazon Fire series.”

Those TVs both are “a solid piece of technology,” said Palmer. 

When it comes to sound, Palmer says look for devices that have Dolby-Atmos.

“It’s a feature you want to look for if you are building that new age sound system,” he said. 

When it comes to size, some might ask, how big is too big? 

“At BestReviews we have a simple rule of thumb,” said Palmer. “Your TV should be half the size of the viewing distance.” “If you’re sitting 10 feet away, 120 inches— you want your TV to be at least 60 inches.” 

There is one more suggestion. For the best viewing experience for sports, set your TV to the Movie or Cinema mode. If your TV has specific sports settings, for different kinds of games, use that.