Tight squeeze? Not all Raleigh parking lots are in compliance with size requirements


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The City of Raleigh has size requirements for parking spaces: 102 inches wide for a standard space, 90 inches for a compact.

Compact spaces must be marked as such unless they are an end space or next to a parking island.

Some parking spaces might seem like a tight fit sometimes — and you might be right to think that way.

CBS 17 traveled to 10 busy parking lots across the city and found seven in full compliance:
Cameron Village
Wake County Courthouse garage
North Hills
Brier Creek Commons
Triangle Town Center
Holly Park Shopping Center
Whole Foods on Wade Avenue

The private lot in front of Marbles Museum has spaces wide enough for compact cars, but only a few as marked as such.

The Glenwood Promenade on Glenwood Avenue has spaces wider than necessary for compact, but they aren’t marked compact.

Paul Puma, the regional president for Kimco – the owner of Glenwood Promenade – discussed ongoing renovations at the center and update to the lot to bring it into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The primary goal [is] being able to provide a safe path of travel across the parking field and into stores for handicapped individuals,” Puma said.

“Once the entire parking field is in compliance with the ADA and UDO, we will address the width of parking spaces which currently range from 8.5 feet to 10.9 feet.”

Given the scope and scale of this project, Kimco elected to phase the improvements beginning with half the parking lot (serving Ulta, Five Below, Ashley, Marshall’s and Ross) in 2019 and the balance of the work to be completed in 2020-21.

Since the shopping center parking field exceeds the minimum required parking ratio, Kimco is not in violation and has the flexibility to reduce the number of spaces providing for larger and a more consistent parking space width.

Another major shopping center, Crabtree Valley, is a pot luck of space sizes. Some are as narrow as 85 inches while others are as wide as 103 inches. Some are marked as compact, others are not.

CBS 17 repeatedly contacted the mall spokesperson for a comment but our messages were not returned.

The city has 3,600 permits registered for spaces at the mall and told CBS 17 checking each would be, “beyond the scope” of what is possible. That includes whether or not the space was grandfathered in, a common practice which allows spaces remain the same size as when they were painted under a past code.

Anyone with concerns is able to contact the owner or manager of the lot or go to the city.

A city spokesperson told CBS 17 she spoke to an employee at code enforcement who said she’s never heard of a parking space complaint in her 19 years at the office. The city also confirmed no complaints were ever filed against any of these locations.

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