RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – No one wants to have a hurricane ruin their vacation, but the fact is there will be travel plans disrupted by tropical turmoil this season.

But, there are things you can do to mitigate a hurricane’s impact on your travel plans.

The first thing you need to do if you are planning to travel during the hurricane season is to consider places that are more outside the hurricane belt and less likely to be affected by a major storm.

Hurricane season is also the time when resorts drop their prices by as much as 60 percent over the rates charged in high season, which means you can get good deals, but you’ve got to protect yourself.

The areas mostly impacted by hurricanes include: the Caribbean, Florida, and other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

“It’s all about getting your insurance ahead of time,” said CBS travel Editor Peter Greenberg.

Knowing that hurricanes can interrupt a vacation, some resorts will offer severe weather protection if you ask.

“Many resorts will offer a guarantee that if your trip is either postponed or interrupted, they’ll fly you back next year at their expense,” says Greenberg.

But, you can’t wait till the weather system is already named. You’ve got to request that protection deal beforehand by speaking directly with the resort.

“It’s sort of like you can’t buy fire insurance once the second floor is on fire,” said Greenberg. “As long as you do that ahead of time you’re in good shape.”

Trying to find out which resorts offer hurricane protection can be a daunting task.

However, the website Trip Savvy has compiled a list of a number of major resorts which do have those policies.

Airlines are a different story. They cancel flights all the time because of hurricanes.

If your flight is affected by a hurricane, a growing number of airlines will offer travel waivers and will even do it even after a storm is named, but many carriers will charge you a service fee to enact that waiver.

Cruise ships are in a travel class by themselves.

Few cruise lines have hurricane policies and most lines say you have to buy standard travel insurance policies to protect yourself.

But, if you buy travel insurance, make sure it includes a hurricane provision.

Every resort handles hurricanes or severe weather differently, so it’s very important that before you book anything, you check with your resort–and get a copy of their policy in writing.

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