From Facebook to Instagram, there are no shortage of social media sites.

But are these sites used to make us more social actually having the opposite effect, and making us socially awkward?

We check our emails, text and scroll through our favorite social media sites, and just like that we’re caught up on everything that is happening in the lives of our friends and family. We think this is making us “social”.

Me’Chelle McKenney, owner of leadership training company 3rd Degree Solutions, says all this liking and commenting is making people somewhat socially awkward.

“We’re liking everything, we’ll make a comment,” said McKenney. “Nobody picks up the phone to talk anymore.”

North Carolina State University freshman Caitlynne Ellerbe says she prefers texting her friends.

“I prefer to text someone,” said Ellerbe. “I feel like when you call someone, there is that awkwardness, like awkward silence.”

UNC student Haleigh Somberg says social media took over her freshman year, but she worked hard to break the habit.

“As I’ve gone through college, I’ve realized that social media is not that important.” said Somberg. “I think having that one-on-one communication is essential to life skills.”

McKenney agrees.

She says simple things like sitting down with your kids for 30 minutes a day to talk and having rules like no cellphones at the table go a long way.