CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — Israeli forces on Monday found and freed a female hostage who was being held in Gaza.

However, there are hundreds more still held captive by Hamas terrorists. 

Some of those people include a Chapel Hill native. They also include more than nine family members of another Chapel Hill family. 

Stanley and Marion Robboy remember Kibbutz Be’eri fondly.  They last went to the farming community to see their cousins in 2015.

On October 7th, everything changed for their family. 

“It’s devastating. Just devastating,” said Marion. 

Hamas terrorists came into that community, several others, and a music festival and killed more than 1,400 people. They took more than 220 hostages. 

The Robboys’ cousins are among the dead and the kidnapped. 

“The reason they were all together, was because it was Simchat Torah [a Jewish holiday]. They were together celebrating,” said Robboy.  

“A cousin went off to work in the morning. He comes home and finds out that his wife is dead. His three children are dead, two in-laws are dead, they’re massacred,” added Stanley Robboy.

The family that was taken are descendants of Holocaust survivors.

“To realize they’re sort of wiped out is hard and devastating. It’s just incomprehensible, the brutality,” explained Robboy.

As they mourn their loved ones and pray for the safe return of cousins held hostage, including 65-year-old Shoshan Haran, they’re becoming concerned.

The Robboys said they’re worried about the protests and the rising anti-Semitism they’re seeing across the Triangle, the country, and the world.

“When you hear that Israel got, you know, they deserve all that, that’s horrendous to hear,” said Robboy.

The Robboys told CBS 17 they want people to come together in support during these tragic times.

They also urge people to be wary of misinformation spreading, especially on social media.