July 26: Back to “Normal” July Weather



The unsettled weather pattern we’ve been stuck is since the weekend has finally budged, with showers and thunderstorms moving eastward off the Atlantic coast overnight. That leaves us with a “typical” July weather pattern for a few days…which of course, means a return of the heat and humidity.

We started off the morning with some locally dense fog, but as the July sunshine burns through, temperatures will warm back up to around 90 degrees:The humidity should be a tiny bit lower, with dew points in the mid to upper 60s…still not great:The combination of heat and humidity will push heat indices to the low to mid 90s this afternoon:We’ll see a slight storm chance bubbling up in the heat and humidity this afternoon, with the best chance along the southern Coastal Plain and in the Sandhills:The HRRR model’s radar simulation shows a few blips elsewhere in central North Carolina, but the showers should be few and far between:

More of the same tomorrow, just a slight increase in our storm chances, once again mostly to the south and east of the Triangle:Temperatures will be even warmer, reaching the low 90s…the heat index will hit the mid to upper 90s.

Rain chances will gradually increase over the weekend, but neither Saturday nor Sunday are looking like a washout. Each day, the best chance of storms will develop in the afternoon and early evening:Just be flexible with your outdoor plans, and we’ll do our best to give you an hour-by-hour estimate of the best rain chances as we head into the weekend.

The storm chances will continue to increase next week, as a slow-moving storm system gets stuck (yes, again) just to our west. Higher rain chances mean lower temperatures, but it’s just looking like an unsettled week overall:


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