July 3: One More Day Of Oppressive Heat


Today will be our fourth straight day with high temperatures in the mid 90s, but the forecast will gradually trend in a less-hot direction over the next several days.

But, it will still be steamy today:

Factoring in the humidity, the "feels-like" temperature will hover around 100 degrees this afternoon: Once again, we'll just see the slightest chance of a passing shower. A few blips on the HRRR model's radar simulation aren't anything to get excited about:

A better chance of spotty showers and storms enters the forecast tomorrow and Thursday -- it's still less than a 50-50 chance, but the North American Model's simulation from noon through midnight does show at least a chance for some atmospheric fireworks:

Even if you don't get any rain in your neighborhood, the additional cloud cover will knock about 5 degrees off our temperatures: That just means it will be "normally hot" instead of "ridiculously hot". Any showers and storms that pop up should quiet down after sunset, so I'm optimistic that the weather won't mess with fireworks displays in the evening.

Temperatures will remain close to average Thursday and Friday, before the best chance of showers and storms heads our way Friday night and Saturday. The medium-range forecast data has been shifting around a little bit, but in a good way -- this morning's model runs indicated an increasing chance that a cold front will move ALL the way through central North Carolina. That would give us some relief from both the heat and humidity into early next week:

Before you celebrate too much, a word of caution -- the weekend is still pretty far down the line in forecasting terms, so more changes could be in store. We'll keep you updated!



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