WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Disgruntled voters are going after Kansas members of the Electoral College in hopes of swaying their votes.

President-elect Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election with 290 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 232 electoral votes. Now, in what seems to be a last ditch effort, people from all over the United States are pushing electors, including those in Kansas, to change their votes and oust Trump.

Kansas Presidential Elector Kelly Arnold said he has received thousands of phone calls, letters and emails from anti-Trump supporters.

“I mean people are hitting me up Twitter, Facebook anyway they can communicate and track me down, they are,” said Kelly Arnold. “It’s specifically the emails that is the really obsessive amount . . . just in the last few days I have received now over 20,000 emails to my private email account.”

Arnold said the people who are sending the emails, many of whom are from out of state, are not afraid to voice their opinions about why he should not vote for Trump.

“Some people put in personal reasons why. Others put in the fact that he didn’t receive the popular vote,” Arnold explained.

Some people even begged Arnold to change his vote citing Trump is a criminal lacking of any moral compass. One said Trump’s campaign was built entirely on racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, fear, division and hate.

Arnold has some words of his own for the people who sent those types of emails and letters to him.

“You know, I hear your first amendment right to try to lobby me to change my vote, but the election is over and we have to support our new administration just like we support our current president,” he said.

Arnold said he’s gotten notes from people as far away as France. He said even Hollywood’s Perez Hilton has reached out to him.

“He didn’t say Hillary or whoever, but just change my vote and yeah, he’s not going to get too far,” Arnold told KSN.

In fact, Arnold said no one who is calling him, sending him letters or emailing him will impact the way he votes on December 19.

“You know, you are asking the Chairman of the Republican Party of Kansas to change his vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. It’s not going to happen,” he said.

KSN reached out to all six Kansas electors. Kansas Republican Party Vice-Chair Ashley J. McMillan said she has also been bombarded with phone calls, letters and emails. She said her email crashed over the weekend after she received more than 20,000 emails.

There is no constitutional provision or federal law that requires electors to vote according the the results of the popular vote. However, 29 states including Alaska, Hawaii and Washington DC have laws or pledges that require them to do so. Kansas does not have any requirements.

If electors don’t vote according to the popular vote they are called “faithless electors” and may be fined or have their vote disqualified and they’ll be replaced by a substitute elector.

Since the founding of the Electoral College in the U.S. Constitution, there have only been 157 faithless electors.