Kansas lawmakers considering a bill that would protect homeowners from wind farms


TOPEKA, Kan. (CBS NEWSPATH) – A new house bill is heading to committee hearing this week in Topeka, Kansas, which could offer some homeowners protections from wind farms.

House Bill 2273 requires distance between wind farms and residential areas.

Homeowners in Reno County say they have been fighting for these protections for more than a year.

Signs along the roads in Reno County says it all.

“It’s very quiet out here. We just don’t have a lot of noise out here. These turbines when they are spinning actually produce a loud noise. And in certain weather conditions, they are even louder. And so when you are used to hearing nothing, and all of a sudden there is this constant woosh, woosh, woosh,” said resident Kristy Horsch.

Wind turbines are nearly 500 feet all, which is 200 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Kristy Horsch also says they have a beautiful skyline where you can see for miles and miles and these turbines are going to be close to 500 feet tall.  They are taller than any building in Sedgwick County, or in Reno County that would dominate their skyline.

The Reno County planner says Nextera Wind Developers submitted a permit this past week to build a wind farm in the city of Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

According to the homeowner, if this plan is approved, she would see 88 turbines from her property.

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