CRESTVIEW HILLS, K.Y. (WNCT/CNN) – One Kentucky man is turning heads due to a display he created at his home in Crestview Hills.

Ken Blair built the display depicting a life-size Donald Trump doll hanging from a noose, with a controversial quote written below that Trump received backlash for during the campaign.

“He is being hung. This is a lynching of Donald Trump,” said Blair. “It happened two minutes after he was sworn in because that’s what he deserves. This is what traitors deserve.”

Blair is a retired teacher, and said getting people’s attention was his intent. He said the display is meant to support a molested family member, and other sexually assaulted women.

But some who live nearby aren’t happy with the display.

“It doesn’t matter what side you’re on,” said John Hudson. “You’re disgracing the flag and you’re hanging somebody. There’s kids in this neighborhood. My nephew’s right here and they’re seeing somebody being hung that’s now our President.”

Blair said he had a quote from Abraham Lincoln displayed a few weeks ago, and said none of his neighbors had a problem with that.

“I think it’s quite ironic that my neighbors had no problem with onepresident’s quote but then their president’s quote seemed to not suit them,” he said.