ZEBULON, N.C. (WNCN) – Zebulon Police are looking into an incident of what is likely a very cruel case of animal abuse.

A kitten was found with such severe injuries Sunday that it had to be put down a day later. Now, the cat rescue group that found it is trying to track down who’s behind the alleged abuse.

“It tore my heart out,” said Tia Hagnas, president of Alley Cats and Angels.

Hagnas is the founder of the nonprofit that places feral cats into good homes. Sunday, one of her volunteers found a kitten behind the Triangle East shopping center in Zebulon. It had several deep cuts on its stomach and side, along with other injuries.

“It had a broken pelvis, it had a fracture in one leg, and the other leg had clean breaks in at least two places,” Hagnas said.

Hagnas took the kitten, which she named Marvel, to Wake Veterinary Hospital urgent care. Because of its injuries, a vet wasn’t even able to determine what gender the cat was. And, Marvel’s injuries were so severe it wasn’t able to use the bathroom.

“The most humane thing to do was to put it to sleep,” Hagnas said.

Hagnas says she’s seen injured cats before, but not like this.

“There was no bruising, there were no abrasions as if it had been thrown from a car,” Hagnas said. “There were not puncture wounds, which is what we initially thought maybe an animal got a hold of it.”

The nature of the cat’s injuries points to intentional and calculated animal abuse, which breaks Hagnas’ heart.

“We’ve always been able to save them,” she said. “And this one we weren’t.”