KKK fliers in bags filled with rocks found in yards across Fayetteville


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Hate messages inside a Ziploc bag with rocks that target African-Americans have appeared throughout Fayetteville this past weekend.

One of the fliers passed out in Fayetteville (Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina)

The signs reference the “Loyal White Knights of the KKK.”

Fayetteville police said they’ve seen the signs before. A police spokesman told CBS North Carolina that Chief Harold Medlock found one of the flyers on his own front yard months ago.

The signs of hatred were plastered mostly throughout Fayetteville’s Massey Hill neighborhood this weekend.

One resident, Billy Nunnery, found a pamphlet in front of his house on Saturday morning.

“I think it’s ignorant. We’re Americans. We got to stand up for each other. Color shouldn’t be a thing; God created all men equal,” he said.

There are at least four different versions of the hate sign, at the bottom it reads, “JOIN US, Loyal White Knights of the KKK.”

One of the flyers found in Massey Hill said, “Anyone of you black apes caught ‘making eyes’ at a white girl will be beaten with rats…”

“This is serious, this is serious business man, they talking about killing people, man,” said Antonio Smith, who provides professional boxing lessons to men in the neighborhood.

He’s collected more than a dozen of the pamphlets from his students who found them in their yards.

“My fighters were very upset, they wanted to go and hurt somebody because they thought someone was pointing at the blacks.”

Police called the fliers disturbing. They said they’ve collected a number of them and are monitoring the situation closely.

“You want me to join something, come knock on my door like a man, don’t send me this crap right here. That way I can tell you how ignorant you are and slam the door in your face,” Nunnery said.

Police said some of the fliers may border on ethnic intimidation, which is a misdemeanor criminal offense in North Carolina.

If you or someone you know has received a flier and feel threatened, call police.

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