LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSLS 10) – Liberty University students will soon be allowed to have concealed weapons inside their dorms.

The policy change happened last week at a Board of Trustees meeting.

Beginning in the fall students 21 years old with a permit recognized by the state can have a gun not just on campus, but inside the residence halls.

Some students said the change in policy is good because it makes them feel safe, especially when walking to the dorms from their cars, but other said it could open the door to more violence on campus.

General Counsel for Liberty University David Corry said if a student wants to have a weapon inside their dorm room they must have a permit recognized by the state.

They also must be 21 years old and all the roommates must be in agreement to have the weapon inside the dorm.

The gun must be kept inside a safe.

“They would have to keep that secure, the student wouldn’t be permitted to hand the gun open at any time,” Corry said.

Corry said there are about 7,000 students who live in dorms and only 200 are 21 years old.

About 20 have concealed weapon permits.

“We feel that our campus is actually safer because there is an unknown number of people on campus who would be able to defend themselves and maybe others should something tragic occur,” Corry said.