WARRENTON, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina’s Alcohol Law Enforcement has pulled the liquor permit for a Warrenton bar the state said is prone to fights and 911 calls.

The Department of Public Safety said Roxies Sports Bar and Lounge, at 109 South Hall Street, obtained a temporary ABC permit in 2020. Since then, the state said it “has been a drain on emergency personnel.”

Its ABC permits have now been rejected after shootings, assaults, fights, property damage, disorderly conduct and numerous calls for service at the bar, the state said.

Two days before the announcement, the bar posted on its Facebook page that it was closed until further notice. The owner posted to his personal page that he was hiring more security and changing the business name. He said he needed people to feel safe and welcomed in his establishment.

The most recent incident happened on Sept. 25 when a physical altercation between patrons happened inside the bar. That fight was then pushed out into the parking lot by security personnel. DPS said gunshots were heard near the entrance and two patrons sustained gunshot injuries.

DPS’ permit website lists both the bar’s malt beverage and mixed beverage permits as withdrawn on Sept. 30.

DPS said any time there are a high number of 911 calls and violence associated with an ABC-permitted business, ALE special agents conduct an investigation and submit a report to the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. The ABC Commission then reviews the investigative report and determines if the ABC permits are to be suspended, revoked, cancelled or issued a fine.