PINEBLUFF, N.C. (WNCN) — The Moore County School Police have concluded its investigation of a Pinecrest High School bus struck by bullets Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday afternoon at approximately 4 p.m., Pinecrest High School bus No. 53 was struck by a bullet while the bus was stopped at the intersection of Robert Sands and Pinebluff Lake roads. Police said no one was injured.

The investigation revealed that the bus was stopped at the intersection letting one student off the bus when the driver heard a gunshot. The driver did not know where the gunshot came from or if there was any damage to the bus.

The driver then continued to the next stop about one mile down the road. The five remaining students left the bus.

The investigation revealed that a student saw a bullet hole through a passenger window about four rows from the back of the bus. The bullet then hit the ceiling of the bus.

The bus driver called 911 and the MCS police and the Moore County Sheriff’s Office responded. MCS police began an investigation and the sheriff’s office assisted.

The investigation determined that the bullet was a ricochet from a firearm that was being used by a juvenile who was aiming the weapon at trees. The bus was not intended to be a target.

The weapon belonged to a family member of the juvenile and was not secured properly in the home. The investigation determined that the juvenile is not a Moore County Schools student.

The case of the juvenile is being referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

On Wednesday, deputies charged David Locklear, 62, with one count of misdemeanor storage of firearms to protect minors.

Locklear has a court appearance on Nov. 3.