2 cars stolen, woman dragged across Mebane parking lot; 1 teen charged, another at large

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MEBANE, N.C. (WNCN) — One teen faces charges for dragging a woman in a gas station parking lot early Friday morning and police are searching for his accomplice, officials say.

Investigators arrested a 16-year-old boy on charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, larceny of a motor vehicle, common law robbery. His bond is $100,000.

Mebane police said the teenager and a friend stole two vehicles overnight. One of incidents involved the carjacking of a woman at the Quality Mart Shell Station on Mebane Oaks Road.

“They technically hit her with her own car,” clerk Kimberly Terrell said.

“I see her go to her car, and it happened so quick. The guy that was in the car put her car in reverse and hit our gas poles 11 and 12. At this point she’s halfway in the car, and the car door, when it hit the poles, it slammed her in between the car door and the car and then I guess the jolt of it, the impact, and then him trying to put it into drive it slung her out of the car,” Terrell sadd.

Police arrived within seconds, as Terrell had already called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle just a few minutes earlier.

Around midnight, she noticed a silver Nissan Altima making loops around the Shell station. She said there were two teenage boys inside, both wearing dark hoodies.

“They looked young. I seen them because I was outside sweeping the parking lot, and were riding in our parking lot. They rode right past me, just non-chalantly, and you could tell they were young,” Terrell said.

She watched them make similar passes through the lot of the Speedway across the street before driving to and from a Sheetz about a half-mile away. After the fifth or sixth loop, Terrell called 911 to ask for an officer to come check on the suspicious vehicle.

Terrell told the dispatcher it appeared the cars might be scouting the stores and waiting for people to leave.

Soon after she got off the phone, a frequent customer came into the store to buy cigarettes. That woman left her engine running as she was in the Quality Mart, which Terrell estimated took less than a minute.

“It’s not unusual for our customers to leave their cars running, because they’re running in and they’re running out. She came in, she got a pack of cigarettes, and then she walked out the door. She was literally in our store not even 60 seconds,” Terrell said.

“When she walked out the door I heard her yell at somebody.”

The woman suffered a gash to her leg and the thieves wrecked her vehicle behind the building.

The teens returned to their original vehicle — which police said was reported stolen in Durham — and drove away as officers arrived. Investigators said the car jumped the curb and ran a red light.

A short chase ensued after the officers turned on their lights and sirens and tried to catch the vehicle. 

Police chased the suspects on Interstate 85 before taking exit 165 to Hillsborough. The stolen car stopped along NC 86 between a Sheetz and the Hampton Point shopping center.

Both of the teens got out of the car, and officers caught the passenger and took him to the Alamance County Jail.

The driver got away. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Mebane Police Department at 919-563-9031.

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