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2 Hoke County men accused of selling iPhone boxes full of rocks

RAEFORD, N.C. (WNCN) - Two Raeford men are facing charges after fraudulently selling what they told buyers were new iPhones, according to police.

According to Raeford police, Caleyal Roberson, 18, and Angelo Bethea, 19, were using the "Offer Up" app to meet their victims in order to sell them what they said were new iPhones but were actually just iPhone boxes full of rocks.

“They put these items up for sale with the intention of completely defrauding the victims,” said Raeford Police Detective Patrick Noce.


Roberson and Bethea were meeting their victims in random places in Raeford in order to collect money for the fraudulent phones.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Noce. “The box was wrapped in cellophane, like plastic wrap you’d cook dinner with."

The two men were caught and arrested in the parking lot of a Highway 55 restaurant in Raeford as they planned to meet another victim.

Police were able to seize evidence that was consistent with the fraudulent sale of iPhones. They also seized drugs.

“We did locate other items to that nature that did appear that they were gonna commit some more scams to other folks,” said Raeford Police Detective William Tart.

Roberson and Bethea are both charged with two counts of obtain property by false pretenses, two counts of felony conspiracy, two counts of attempt obtain property by false pretenses, and two counts of possession of marijuana less than 1/2 oz.

Both are being held under $10,000 bonds each.

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