RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Goats, alpacas, horses, and peacocks are just a small fraction of the animals at Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary in Rougemont. Each animal also has a story to tell.

Just off, ironically, Bacon Road in Rougemont lies 41 acres home to more than 150 animals, including an emu named Doug, a goat called Seymour, and a kunekune pig lovingly called “Dozer the bulldozer.”

Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary has been rescuing and caring for farm animals for 7 years. Executive Director Alesja Daehnrich has been rescuing animals for 15 years but found there was a “blind spot” in rescue when it came to farm animals.

“These animals are so overlooked and are oftentimes not considered as worthy,” Daehnrich explained. “Farm animals have the same feelings, they are also sentient beings, and they all need love, care, and attention.”

Sometimes they need a lot of love and care, like Nora, a baby goat, who spent 2 weeks in the ICU at NC State and has only recently come back to Blind Spot.

And another goat named Daisy.

“Daisy came to us with a fractured back leg, she was also extremely skinny, she was full of parasites, and just seeing her now acting like a normal baby goat and just having the best time of her life is just incredible to us,” Daehnrich said.

Also, a now not-so-little pig who came to Blind Spot from a hoarding situation.

No matter what situation the animal came from, Blind Spot aims to make sure they have access to medical care and a place to call home, whether it’s being adopted out or staying at the sanctuary.

“I feel as a sanctuary, it’s important not just to rescue animals, but to provide them with meaningful lives, enriched lives. What else would they want right? They’re just doing their thing,” explained Daehnrich.

Because seeing the transformation a little care does for an animal makes that blind spot a little more visible.

Blind Spot offers free tours on Saturdays where you can meet the animals and learn about animal welfare. If you’re interested in volunteering or want to learn more about the sanctuary click here. Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary