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3 weeks after Florence, high waters remain in Hoke County

RED SPRINGS, N.C. (WNCN) - It's been more than three weeks since Hurricane Florence drenched parts of North Carolina.

There are still houses under water in Hoke County and now there's another problem about what could be in the water. 

The water is backed up around houses on Goose Pond Road.

Louis Bullard is living in the middle of it.

"It's stressful, I'm just to the max with it, I don't know anything else to do and I'm not gonna leave my house, I'm not," said Bullard. 

Homeowners there said they are are fed up because the county should be able to do something to get the water out. 

The county's emergency management team says there's nowhere to pump out the water and they don't know what's in it. 

"The area on goose pond is essentially inside of a bowl, you're looking at hills on all sides of the properties down Goose Pond (Road), so it'd just be a logistical nightmare to pump that water anywhere, it just wasn't feasible," said Hoke County Emergency Management Coordinator Andrew Jacobs. 

County crews along with the North Carolina Department of Transportation say they're now working on clearing the source of the problem — pollution and beavers putting debris in a nearby drain pipe.

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