DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — On Tuesday morning, a group of healthcare workers were in Durham demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and calling on Congresswoman Valerie Foushee to get involved.

The group of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers were just some of more than 350 healthcare providers from Durham, Granville, and Orange counties that signed a letter demanding that ceasefire.

“As healthcare workers, we are uniquely positioned to see how what’s happening in Gaza is just incompatible with our values and human life,” Dr. Noa Nessim, an Arab Jewish family physician from Efland, said outside Foushee’s office.

They delivered that letter to Foushee’s office. A staff member came outside to talk with the group, saying Foushee was in Washington D.C. but that the petition would be delivered to her. Before leaving, members of the group say their work will continue until local lawmakers join them.

“We’re seeing a scale of atrocity and death and harm that is completely unfamiliar to us,” Dr. Nessim said.

After they delivered the letter, the crowd of healthcare workers amplified recordings of the voices of Gazan healthcare providers, punctuating their remarks with moments of silence.

“Words cannot describe what the Palestinians in Gaza are experiencing,” said Rashid Abdallah, a Palestinian-American registered nurse from Graham, in a news release. “The lack of fuel, medical supplies, medical equipment, medication, and disinfectants has shut down almost all of Gaza’s hospitals; only God knows how long the remaining hospitals will last,” he continued. “Anesthesia and pain medications are so limited that doctors are performing some surgeries without them. There are Palestinian doctors using cell phone flashlights to perform surgeries because they have no electricity.”