SCOTLAND NECK, N.C. (WNCN) — Five people were arrested after a fight broke out at the Scotland Neck police station on Thursday, according to police.

The Scotland Neck Police Department said on Thursday that Chief Tippett, Captain Parker, Corporal Morris and Officer C. Estes were at the police department when between six to eight subjects began fighting in the parking lot.

Hobgood Police Chief Coley, Deputy Chin and Sheriff Tyree Davis responded. Police said five people were charged and only minor injuries were reported. Most of the charges consisted of simple affray, but Michelle Carter was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and received a $1,500 bond.

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Tonitia Arrington received a $2,000 bond, Sheanova Cherry received a $2,000 bond, Tarirejeah Wilkins received a $2,000 bond and Delayshia Silver received a written promise to appear in court.