DUNN, N.C. (WNCN) — A Harnett County man beloved by his community has been missing for almost two months.

Tyrone Taylor Jr., 23, went missing in early September.

Police with the City of Dunn say the case is “suspicious” and “concerning.”

Who is Tyrone Taylor?

The detective working the case said Taylor is well-loved in the Dunn community, and it’s concerning that no one has had contact with him.

Taylor’s family told CBS 17 that he worked two jobs and was a light to everyone he met.

“He was the life of the party,” said Tweet, a family friend.

“He was loved by everybody. He loved everybody,” said Tashia Taylor, Tyrone’s cousin. “He wouldn’t hurt a fly, so I’m not understanding why anyone would hurt him.”

Amy Ross, Tyrone’s mother, said he graduated nursing school and loves to help people — so much so that it earned him “Employee of the Month” at his job.

“Tyrone was golden if you ask me,” said Italy Taylor, his cousin. “If you were having a bad day, Tyrone would make your day better.”

“He would give you the clothes off his back if he had to,” said his aunt, Joyce Wilson.

Taylor’s disappearance

According to Dunn police, Taylor was last seen Tuesday, Sept. 5.

On that day, Taylor’s mother said he visited his father in Sampson County, came to visit her in Dunn, and headed home to his apartment, Amity Place Apartments on Susan Tart Road in Dunn.

The next day, she received a call from his father saying he could not get in contact with him.

“He’s not the type of person that’s not reachable,” she said.

Tyrone Taylor in front of his car after graduating from nursing school

Neither Taylor nor his car were found at his apartment complex.

“Nobody saw anything, heard anything, cameras didn’t catch anything. It’s odd,” said Tashia Taylor. “A person doesn’t just vanish.”

On Sept. 8, police said Taylor’s car was found burned in Cumberland County.

“All our theories went out the door when the car was charred,” said Tweet. “Your mind could go anywhere at that point.”

Finding clues

After Taylor disappeared, his family hung posters around town and created search parties.

They said they found some of his belongings, including a shirt, a door handle to his car, pieces of the car and a black box for the car which they said would be for tracking, possibly financial.

The family provided photos of the items, as well as some footprints they found in the mud.

“If it wasn’t for my family, his items would’ve not been found,” said cousin Tashia Taylor. “We had to go out and find them ourselves.”

The family said the items were given to investigators.

Begging for help

Tyrone’s family and friends continue to look for answers, and are begging for help from anyone who might have information.

“Our families are hurting every day about Tyrone. It’s been bad,” said cousin Italy Taylor. “It’s went from days, to weeks, to about to be two months, and I feel like nobody’s really taking it seriously because it’s not their family.”

“Wherever he is, whoever has him, please please let him go. As a mother, you don’t understand,” said Tyrone’s mother. “Not being able to see him or hear from him, to love on him, to kiss him for almost two months, it’s hard. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on any parent.”

“I always treated him like he was mine. I raised him with my sister, we all lived together,” said aunt Joyce Wilson. “I really do miss his laugh, his hugs and our long talks.”

The family tells CBS 17 they are not giving up hope.

“Just let us know something,” said Tweet. “Because sometimes people think that something they’ve seen wasn’t really important, but it was.”

‘Missing’ poster for Tyrone Taylor hung outside a convenience store in Dunn

Anyone with information is asked to contact Investigator J. Reagan with the Dunn Police Department at 910-230-3550 or the Harnett County Communications Center at 910-893-9111.

Information can also be submitted through Crime Stoppers at 910-892-2222. Police said a reward up to $1,000 can be given for information that leads to an arrest of individual(s) involved in Taylor’s disappearance through Crime Stoppers.

A message for Tyrone

Members of Tyrone’s family shared messages for him.

“I miss you texting me every morning, ‘good morning’,” said Granny Land, his cousin. “You don’t deserve this. It’s not right that you’re the one missing.”

“I love you so much, and I’ll never stop,” said cousin Tashia Taylor.

“Your mama misses you, your dad misses you,” said Tweet. “Your family misses you. The community misses you, and we love you. Just hold on, because we’re coming.”