NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – For Nash County Deputy William Toney, every day is a work in progress. He was shot multiple times during a traffic stop one year ago.

“[Working] to get that mobility back in my hand. Don’t have feeling in the first three fingers still. Still struggling with the basic stuff like buttoning my shirt,” he said.

From physical therapy to getting help to cope with the trauma.

“Still, now and then, I have a little a flashback here and there of the incident itself,” Toney said.

According to the Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone, one of the Nash County Criminal Interdiction Units was working traffic on Interstate-95 on Feb. 4, 2022.

“Shortly after being there, we had this guy flying by. We are running radar and went to stop him for speeding,” Toney said.

The sheriff’s office said a Mercedes Benz with Florida tags was speeding. The sheriff also said Deputy Shelby Smith attempted to pull over the driver, Jarred Ford, for speeding.

Smith ended up calling back up because of suspected criminal activity.

That’s when Toney, a K-9 handler, arrived. Moments later, the sheriff said Ford pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting Toney multiple times.

The sheriff said Smith shot back, hitting Ford. Ford was eventually taken into custody.

As for Toney, he was taken to Vidant Hospital in Greenville where he underwent surgery.

Later that week, he was met by a police escort and a big welcome home from the hospital.

“I went from coming home to adjusting to doctor’s appointments. The sheriff’s office was very helpful to me,” Toney said.

Toney said he’s on light duty — mostly doing community engagement work. However, he said his goal is to be back on patrol.

“My dream was to be a policeman and to be a K-9 officer. I thank God that I was able to see that. A lot of people don’t get to see their dreams come true. Mine came true. My hope is, God willing, I’m able to come back and get back on the street,” Toney said.

As for Ford, he faces several charges including attempted first-degree murder. Court records show he’s back in court on March 1.