LUMBERTON, N.C. (WNCN) — April 18 will mark two years since Kristin Bennett and Rhonda Jones were found dead in Lumberton.

Both cases remain unsolved. But, CBS 17 has learned that additional evidence has recently been submitted to the state crime lab for testing.

Bennett was found naked in a television cabinet in an abandoned home and Jones was found that same day in a trash can across the street. Megan Oxendine, a friend of Bennett and Jones, was also found dead in June in the same neighborhood.

Rhonda Jones’ mother Shelia Price says she was told by investigators that the additional evidence includes nail clippings.

The North Carolina Department of Justice confirms additional evidence for all three cases is currently being worked by “multiple sections” of the state crime lab.

Just last month, CBS 17 uncovered the fact that the women’s sexual assault kits weren’t submitted by the Lumberton Police Department to be tested until 20 months after Bennett and Jones were found dead. The kits were sent out just weeks after CBS 17’s Russ Bowen began investigating the cases.

This latest round of testing is not related to the testing of the sexual assault kits.

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