After 120 evacuate, road reopens at Nash County Boy Scout camp

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BAILEY, N.C. (WNCN) — The only road leading in and out of Camp Charles in Nash County is once again safe for drivers.

On Saturday, 120 Boy Scouts and their families evacuated the camp when flooding from heavy rains washed out the road.

Caleb Jackson, 8, is a Boy Scout, so he always comes prepared.

“We did bring a lot of extra food,” said Caleb.

But he says it was still scary when his campground flooded out on Saturday.

“I felt like we would be stuck here for a while and, like, my dad wouldn’t go to work,” Caleb said.

There is only one road that leads in and out of Camp Charles in Bailey.

“Water started to rush down the hill and then over here it started to do the same thing and people were noticing that their tents were getting flooded out and then around that time we saw that the road was getting washed away,” said Johnny McLawhoran, a dad of a Boy Scout.

The Nash County fire marshal ordered an emergency evacuation.

“Some of the children and adults did start to become concerned and a little bit worried, fortunately, some of the people had some quick thinking,” said Celeste Jackson, Caleb’s mom. “Some of the kids and adults were able to get out with canoes.”

Those that didn’t get out by boat walked out on the little bit of road not washed away. Everyone evacuated safely. 

Crews came and fixed the road early Sunday morning, so on Sunday afternoon families came back to pack up their camping gear and get their cars. 

“This is our only vehicle so we’re pretty much kind of stuck if we didn’t have this ready to go by Monday,” said McLawhoran.

Boy Scout leaders say this isn’t the first time this road has flooded out. 

The last time was during Hurricane Florence. They say for now it’s safe, but they’re working with the county to find a more permanent solution. 

“This has probably happened maybe like five times like in the past 20 years, if it’s something that’s happened that many times maybe they might create a different way out besides this one,” said McLawhoran. 

The Boy Scouts CEO for the East Carolina Council says their number one priority is safety, so they plan to do whatever it takes to make sure the road doesn’t flood again.

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