Almost 2 years after tornado, new Autryville fire station built to last

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AUTRYVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s been almost two years since the tornado destroyed Autryville’s fire station. The town’s fire chief now says it can withstand another storm. 

When the tornado hit in 2017, the fire chief said five firefighters were still inside. He said they took cover under a fire truck. It saved them, but the crew still had to take calls for help with the building falling down around them. 

“The only things that were left were the walls of our station and these flag poles here,” said fire chief Andrew Hawkins. 

After almost two years, everything changed. 

“When we put those (flag poles) up, it was kind of a surreal moment for all of us to show that we were done in a way,” Hawkins said. 

Construction was finished on a new station that Hawkins said has more room for fire trucks and is built stronger.

“It is rated for some strong winds, but hopefully we don’t have to test that out,” Hawkins said. 

It cost the station $750 million to turn the fire station into what it is now. 

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