VASS, N.C. (WNCN) – The Coalition for Peace, Love, and Justice is a diverse group of leaders and advocates in Moore County. On Tuesday, they held an event called “Take the bridge back” at the Highway 1 overpass bridge in the Town of Vass.

It comes after someone hung large banners with anti-semitic and white supremacist language over the guard rails for drivers to see on the highway.

”Doesn’t represent the town. Doesn’t represent the inner city of Vass community,” Al Moses, a Vass City Councilman said.

The first incident happened on Dec. 18, just before the start of Hanukkah.

After deputies in Moore County removed the banner, another one appeared on Christmas morning at the same location.

Councilman Moses believes both incidents are connected to the Dec. 3rd power grid attack in Moore County when someone(s) used gunfire to damage two Duke Energy substations, leaving more than 45,000 customers without power for days.

“I think they are connected because it all happened in similar fashion and similar time frame,” the councilman said.

On Tuesday, the coalition encouraged politicians and business owners across Moore County to stand with them and say ‘no more hate in Moore County’.

“Also join Vass and publicly denounce this kind of hatred and they need to understand how it will impact our county if they don’t,” Lowell Simon, with The Coalition for Peace, Love, and Justice said.

Moore County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the banner incidents and the damaged power substations. No one has been arrested at this time.

“Fascism is hate and I hope that everyone is willing to speak up and stand against hatred,” Simon said.