CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – It’s a real scramble for corporations to get the best and the brightest with tech jobs in big demand.

Now, CBS 17 has learned Apple is coming to town well before its new campus is going to be built in 2023.

Apple is going to renovate temporary office space in Cary where MetLife has three office towers located.

When MetLife opened its operations in Cary back in 2015, its buildings were filled with the latest tech.

Now, the insurance giant is consolidating operations into towers one and two, leaving tower three available for tenants like Apple.

Apple already announced plans to build a 1-million square-foot campus in Research Triangle Park, but that facility won’t be ready until 2023 – so why the early move to Cary?

“The best reason I can give you is they want to establish themselves here and get right into the labor market,” said economist Mike Walden of North Carolina State University.

The tech sector in the Triangle is exploding and Walden says it has surpassed pre-pandemic employment levels.

That is why he believes Apple wants to start early when it comes to recruiting.

“This is an exciting place for young people, and I think Apple wants to have this presence so they can start hiring people and build that pipeline with connections to workers,” he said.

But, local talent alone won’t be all that Apple requires.

Walden says it will need to import workers from elsewhere and says there are several selling points the area has to offer outsiders.

There is room to grow for corporations

North Carolina’s climate and mild winters are a plus

And the state’s access to amenities like the beach and mountains.

Walden says that will also entice other tech companies to jump on the bandwagon.

“There is a benefit to a tech company locating where other tech companies are,” he said. “You can share in the labor force, you can share in the supply chains other firms develop for high tech.”

Apple is not talking about a timetable for its Cary arrival, but by moving temporality into an already constructed building, it saves a lot of time, allowing it to jumpstart its recruiting efforts.