FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A new survey finds Fayetteville may be among the worst cities for “happily ever after.”

Lawnstarter compared 190 of the biggest cities across the U.S.

The company said it used nine indicators of marriage success including marriage rate, divorce rate, access to relationship therapists, and availability of wedding venues.

On its list, Fayetteville ranked the fifth worst place to get and stay married.

Home of Fort Bragg, the city ranked 176 for marriage stability. Lawnstarter used marriage rate and separation/divorce rate to rank the city in this category.

When it comes to marriage potential, the Fayetteville ranked 167 out of 190.

Under this category, researchers took into account the population of young people who have never married, and the five-year change in the never-married young population. The city also ranked 83 for availability to marriage intervention access and 181st for wedding venue options.

Cary and Durham may be the best place to get and stay married in the state. They were the only other North Carolina cities to rank in the top 100.

North Carolina cities on the list include:

  • Cary: #59
  • Durham: #95
  • Charlotte: #103
  • Raleigh: #124
  • Winston-Salem: #159

Montgomery, Alabama was the absolute worst place for marriage in the U.S.

Lawnstarter said its ranking was due to “its position as the second-worst city for Marriage Stability and ninth-worst in Wedding-Friendliness.”

Lawnstarter noted that just as the divorce rate has declined over the years, so has the marriage rate.

“Additionally, school focus, career focus, exploration of nonsexual intimate relationships (e.g., friendships), more focus on self-actualization, reduction of social shame for not being married (e.g., old-maid trope), etc.,” said Dr. Anthony G. James Jr., interim vice president for institutional diversity and inclusion at Miami University.

If you’re looking for ever-lasting love, the study points to California. Cities in the state made up 11 of the top 20 cities.

However, Bellevue, Washington took the top spot for overall