HALIFAX, N.C. (WNCN) — Halifax County deputies are searching for the person or people who fired shots toward a deputy Thursday night as he was investigating another shooting. Body camera video released by the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office shows what happened.

The deputy was on Dennis Street in Enfield around 9 p.m. following leads on another shooting that happened around 8 p.m. by the Carriage House Apartments.

“When officers arrived at the scene, two people had been reported to have been shot, one shot in the head and one shot in the legs,” Lt. Shane Guyant with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office said about the first shooting.

Those two victims were each taken to a hospital, their condition is unknown and there’s no suspect information at this time. Enfield Police took charge on that investigation, with Halifax County deputies providing backup and following up on leads of a black car being somehow related to the shooting. The investigation into that black car, seen in the body camera video, brought the deputy to Dennis Street.

“He walked over to the individual with the air pump, pumping the tire in that particular car,” Lt. Guyant explained.

The body camera video shows as the deputy is talking to two men by the car, 15 shots ring out. Deputies say there is a clue in the video that shows the shots were aimed right toward where the deputy was standing.

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“You can actually see in the video, you can see the muzzle flash coming from that direction and the muzzle flash isn’t going up in the air, it’s pointing this way,” Guyant showed.

Deputies say they have an idea why the shots were fired in that direction.

“The only thing we can speculate is that it had to be related to the Carriage House Apartments shooting in some way, shape, or form,” Guyant said.

As deputies search for the person or people who pulled the trigger, they say they couldn’t be more proud of the deputy involved and his heroic actions.

“He was very calm, he was very courageous, he referred back to his training and everything he did, as far as we’re concerned, was exemplary,” Guyant said.

Both the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office and the Enfield Police Department are asking for information in both shootings. Anyone can anonymously report information through the Halifax County Crime Stoppers.