CARRBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – Carrboro police are searching for a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman on Jones Ferry Road near Highway 54 early Wednesday.

Just after midnight, the victim was jogging in the 600 block of Jones Ferry Road near the Willow Creek shopping center, which is by the interchange with Highway 54, when the suspect came up from behind her, police said.

The suspect knocked the victim to the ground and sexually assaulted her, Carrboro police said.

“She was screaming, a bystander in the area heard, started calling 911 and came to offer assistance, and then police responded,” said Capt. Anthony Westbrook II with Carrboro police.

The suspect ran from the scene toward an apartment complex at 605 Jones Ferry Road.

The suspect was described as clean-shaven, around 6-feet tall with a medium build and possibly in his mid-30s.

CBS 17 obtained the 911 call made by a female bystander, where she can be heard frantically calling for help.

“Someone has been attacked I need you to get here right now,” the caller said.

As the bystander told the 911 operator what happened, she could also be heard telling the victim, “you’re going to be OK, you’re going to be OK.”

The victim was taken to UNC Hospital, police said.

People who live in the area told CBS 17 they are shocked to hear this happened here.

“I can’t believe this happened, it’s a relatively safe community and I don’t understand,” said Joe Jorgensen, a resident of Carrboro.

A nearby apartment complex told CBS 17 that a lot of college students live in the area, and they said officials with the complex said they had not heard that this happened near their complex.

The complex said they will now be sending an alert out to its residents.

Carrboro police said it is very rare for random sexual assaults like this to occur in the community and this is the first sexual assault this year.

Authorities are asking people in the community to be alert. 

“Of course, if you see something suspicious going on, go ahead and call we’ll come check it out,” Westbrook said.