Can the swings in temperature make you sick?

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With the cold temperatures last week and warmth today, your body might feel confused.

It was near 80 on Thursday and last Friday it was 18.  

You would think a 62 degree swing would cause you to get sick easier.  

Cherith Andes of Raleigh thinks so.

“I don’t have any empirical evidence, but from every one of my friends, yeah, we are all pretty much getting sick from all the ups and downs. It’s like dating a teenage boy,” Andes said. 

Chris Clemmons of Raleigh agrees.

“I would say I’ve experienced that. I’ve had some stuffy noses and I had a cough that persisted for three weeks, and then my kids have all been sick too,” he said. 

But Madelyn Shoup says, not so fast.

“I think I am pretty lucky, actually, it doesn’t bother me as long as it is going from cold to warm and not warm to cold,” Shoup said. 

Dr. David Messerly, an emergency department doctor at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, knows what it takes to get you sick.  

“We sometimes think temperature swings can probably cause sinus congestion, can cause some changes in your mucus, sort of the lining of your nose and throat; but the germs are there and you’re going to get them or your not,” Messerly said.

And if exposed to viruses or bacteria – you can get them very easily.according to Messerly.

“It’s spread airborne, so you know, somebody sneezes, they get something on their hands, they touch you, you then touch your mouth, that’s how you get the flu,” he said. 

So even though the temperature technically doesn’t impact if you’re going to get sick or not, even on a warm day like today, you haveto be cautious.  

Stay away from sick people if you can and wash your hands often.

And when it gets cold again this weekend, what about not dressing appropriately with a coat to stay warm? 

Messerly has an interesting story.

“My son never wears a coat, goes to school in shorts and T-shirt everyday. Twenty-two kids in his class. He is one of three or four who has not had the flu this year. So I don’t think wearing a coat or not wearing a coat has anything to do with it.”

However, these temperature swings can effect your mood.  

Andes says, “sometimes I feel a lot more tired with the switch up and down like that.  Kind of like, I need a nap when it’s cold and then I’m suddenly energized when it’s warm, maybe it’s just the seasons.”

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