DURHAM, FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina Central University’s commencement ceremony was held Friday morning and Fayetteville State University will graduate students Saturday.

A previous CBS 17 report said many students at FSU would walk doing so without all of his or her graduation attire.

A representative with the main supply company said Friday they didn’t think that would be the case on Saturday.

The company spokeswoman for Herff Jones, who supplies the graduation attire, said the firm was unaware of any students who did not receive attire for the planned Fayetteville State ceremonies.

Sue Crumpton, the senior director for corporate communications at Herff Jones, said in a statement to CBS 17 that all late caps and gowns for both colleges were shipped overnight for those students graduating, despite a letter originally sent to one of the colleges from the company.

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The Herff Jones company sent this letter to Fayetteville State University in regard to graduation attire not yet at the college (Courtesy of Justin Moore).

Crumpton did however acknowledge supply chain problems and labor shortages were causing delays.

“Herff Jones is working diligently to minimize delays in fulfilling orders for graduation regalia sparked by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. Regrettably, these factors have caused us to fall behind schedule. All outstanding caps and gowns were delivered overnight for distribution to students at North Carolina Central University this morning ahead of commencement ceremonies. We are unaware of any students who did not receive their regalia in time for graduation ceremonies at Fayetteville State University. Herff Jones recognizes that commencement is the culmination of years of effort. While it does not lessen any disappointment caused by a missing item, we will provide a full refund to any student who did not receive their regalia.”

As of Thursday, FSU was still addressing the missing garb problem and released a statement to CBS 17.

“FSU is working with graduating students who have not received their regalia — and are confident that all of our graduates will have a cap and gown for Saturday’s commencement ceremony.”

CBS 17 does not have an update on if all regalia has been delivered to students or if all in fact got refunds.