CBS 17 Exclusive: Family questions deputies’ actions in deadly Moore County shooting

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Family members are questioning Moore County deputies after the deadly shooting of Arthur Kenzie Garner.

Garner was killed Saturday after deputies were called to Forrest Place near Sand Pit Road just before 3 a.m. to break up a domestic incident.

Shortly after deputies arrived on scene, authorities say a suspect began shooting at the deputies.

From the outside the home of Danny and Terry Garner looks like any other in Aberdeen, but if you look closer the scars from a shootout still remain.

“This is a nightmare,” said Terry Garner. “Yesterday, when I walked out of my bedroom I walked right into where my son was killed.”

Their son, 33-year-old Arthur Kenzi Garner, was shot and killed by Moore County sheriff’s deputies after officials say he shot at officers.

His parents are skeptical he ever fired a single round.

“This is a spent round we found where the firing pin has been hit and it didn’t go off,” said Danny Garner. “This is another round where the firing pin hit, and it never went off.”

Danny Garner says all of bullet holes in his house tell a much different version of the story than the one told by police.

“I was outside watching the whole time towards this front door,” said Danny Garner. “They never asked him to come outside and try to negotiate with him.” 

“Our son did not deserve to die because he was an acting out drug addict,” said Terry Garner. “I could’ve talked him down.” 

“I understand how the police would feel like he’s a threat to them, but I don’t feel like so many bullets were necessary,” said Bryanna Bittle.

“This is not over,” said Terry Garner. “Hell hath no fury like the mother of a murdered son.”

The case is currently being investigated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

A spokesperson for the Moore County Sheriff’s Office declined comment on this story.

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