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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – For the last two days, CBS 17 has been reporting on a contractor accused of taking thousands of dollars for home repairs and then disappearing before finishing the job.

CBS 17 consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia has several days trying to find that elusive contractor.

The Creager family hired CMC Flooring Enterprises to repair their home following a fire on Aug. 1 that did an estimated $97,000 in damage.

The contractor’s Facebook page has several advertisements for the business including one that contains a shot of the company’s Durham office that is captioned “This is where the magic happens.”

But, when you go to the address listed you’ll find only an abandoned building on Roxboro Road that appears to have been hastily cleaned out.

The glass door on one side of the building is damaged and contains a hole with a huge crack spreading across the glass.

One of the plate-glass windows on the front of the building has a huge hole in it and when you peer inside, there are all kinds of material scattered on the floor and stuff pulled off the walls. 

Displays are tipped over and there are stacks of building materials helter-skelter on the floor everywhere.

Calling the company’s listed number doesn’t help.

You just get a recording saying,” The number you dialed is not in service at this time.”

A public records search lists a half dozen different addresses for the owner of CMC Enterprises.

One address was inside a gated community in Morrisville that we couldn’t gain access to.

Several others listed private homes in Durham and another listed a Durham apartment complex.

Sbraccia had no luck finding the owner at any of those locations.

The Creager family last saw the contractor at their home back in January.

According to an inspector for their mortgage insurance company who came to check on the status of the repairs, the contractor only completed 25 percent of the work before disappearing. 

The repairs were outlined in 4 different contracts provided by CMC that totaled $34,000 which the family says was paid to the contractor by certified check between September and January.

Now, the family is struggling to repair their house on their own because the insurance company won’t release any more funds until 50 percent of the repairs are completed in the damaged home.

“Why do people do things like this to other people?’’ said Katie Creager. ”It’s not fair. They took it advantage of our situation—as if it wasn’t bad enough that we lost everything we ever had.”

Creager has filed complaints with the North Carolina Attorney General as well as the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, which are both conducting investigations into the contractor. 

She has also filed a complaint with the fraud unit of the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Meanwhile, CBS 17 is going to continue to work to try to track down this contractor.

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