RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Ahead of Sunday’s forecast winter storm, many rushed to stores Saturday getting last-minute supplies.

Grocery stores like Wegmans in Raleigh saw lots of people. Kikesha Jarmon was one of them.

“Today I am shopping, preparing for the weather. Got a little bread, water and just a few things for tonight for dinner,” said Jarmon. She told CBS 17 it’s the third store she went to Saturday.

“I went to the Food Lion, and I went to Walmart they didn’t have pretty much anything, so I came over here to Wegmans in hopes that they were going to have something,” Jarmon said.

Many people were stocking up on items ahead of the winter storm

“We just got some basic things so just in case we can’t get out for a day that we’re not caught without food,” said John Zwingski.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency Saturday and said the state is fully prepared.

“Now is the time to get prepared – this storm is a menace,” Cooper said during a news conference about the storm.

Earlier this week, the North Carolina Department of Transportation applied brine to roads to help keep them from icing over.

Cooper is also calling in additional help.

“I’ve also activated 200 National Guard soldiers to assist in storm response. The National Guard will work in western and central counties to help with transportation,” Cooper said.

And with supplies in stores already low due to the pandemic Donald Campbell, chief of staff with North Carolina Emergency Management, said that shoppers should only buy what they need.

“One reminder that we do have is that individuals focus on what they would need for the next two to three days and not to take more than they need in the stores,” said Campbell.

The NCDOT transportation secretary also said Saturday the department has 160,000 tons of salt on hand if they need to use it and 400 trucks staged and ready to go.