RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Since Friday, local plumbers in the Triangle said calls have continued to come in.

“We have been so busy, we’re trying our hardest just to get to everybody but there’s a million calls coming in,” Paris Rone, a plumber with Michael & Son Services, said.

Rone said he and others have been working overtime and working late into the night.

CBS 17 caught up with Rone while he worked at a home in Northwest Raleigh on Monday afternoon. Rone pointed to the water heater in the crawlspace of the home that had burst and flooded the area. He said the company had received more than a dozen calls Monday from people who had similar issues.

“It’s cold — that’s when plumbing starts to break… 13 degrees definitely did it,” said Rone.

He said most of the issues that the company has dealt with have included frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, they expand and can break and cause leaks.

However, Rone said it’s not always easy to tell if you’re dealing with a freeze.

While looking at a pipe, Rone said, “Most the time you just feel them and you’ll feel like they’re rock solid, or some people just don’t have any type of water flow in their house.”

Rone said the damage for homeowners can vary.

“There have been some pipes bursting in the house like behind cabinets, so that has been some pretty bad damage for homeowners. It’s unfortunate,” he said.

Even while temperatures are expected to rise throughout the week, Rone continues to urge homeowners to make sure their outdoor faucets and hoses are disconnected.

Nine times out of 10, Rone said they will freeze. He also recommended that people make sure their crawl spaces are closed, that pipes aren’t exposed to cold air, and to keep an eye on your water heater — especially if it’s in the house.

“If it does get too cold, you can worry about the casing cracking and you don’t want a flood,” Rone said.