RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – This time of year, college campuses are still bare, with hardly any students on campus.

However, that’ll soon change.

In the coming weeks, thousands will move back into dorms and apartments. The threat of COVID-19 is still here and now there’s concern about Monkeypox, too.

“I do think that the university has been doing a good job of keeping up with protocols,” North Carolina State University student Carlin said.

NC State told CBS 17 the school is still offering testing and vaccines for COVID-19 and plans to offer testing and vaccines for Monkeypox.

“It’s concerning because…I have family that I’m worried about (and) being on such a huge campus and being exposed to so many people,” Ugonna Ezuma-Igwe said, a second-year master’s student at N.C. State.

Over in Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina recently said it’s not requiring students to get tested before coming back, but the university is strongly encouraging it.

“I think that UNC was really adaptable last year. When cases were high, they would do more and then do less,” sophomore Jessica Igollo-Ogele said.

Regarding Monkeypox, UNC said Wednesday that campus health is prepared to identify symptoms, test and then recommend vaccines if needed.

“(I’m) trying to be optimistic about it.  I do hope that they are going to listen to the advice of doctors and the CDC and just continue to put our safety first as students,” Nicole Pistani, another UNC student, said.

Furthermore, Saint Augustine’s University told us COVID-19 tests are required before coming back on campus.

The university said there will be rapid tests on campus, as well as social distancing. There will also be required masks and vaccination mandates.

Saint Augustine’s said only two people are allowed to assist students with moving in and they have to wear masks, too.