Coronavirus fact vs. fiction: Is there an online test for COVID-19?

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world has people everywhere fearing they may become infected. That’s where tests come. Some people think there’s a test they can take in the privacy of their home.

Here’s the myth: You can take an on-line test to show if you have COVID-19.

This myth spread after the president announced that google was creating a website that would help people in the U.S. find testing location sites. In actuality, Google’s sister company, Verily, built a website which currently only serves people residing in several counties in California but it doesn’t offer tests, just test information.

That opened the door for the unscrupulous.

“We’ve gotten reports of fake COVID-19 tests coming via a text message asking consumers to click a link to access their tests,” says Alyssa Parker with the Better Business Bureau of Eastern N.C.

Legitimate tests have to be conducted under the auspices of a licensed medical facility and it can take several days for the results to become known.

“If you get a text saying you have to take a test online, it’s a scam, completely fake. Don’t click on any link. It allows scammers to get into your device, computer or phone, where they get your personal info,” says Parker.

There are some newer tests being made available, some that can give results in minutes, but those tests must be done in person..

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