RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – “Eat. Slay. Love.” That’s Joy Caracciolo’s slogan. Not only for life, but for what she describes as a passion project.  

Caracciolo, also known as Joy Eats World on various social media platforms, is a food blogger and digital creator.

“I actually started food blogging during the pandemic. I started noticing a lot of small businesses were not able to keep their doors open,” she explained.

Since 2020, Caracciolo has documented her experiences at restaurants and bars in central North Carolina through videos.

Her latest stop was at the North Carolina State Fair.

CBS 17’s Nick Sturdivant followed Caracciolo and her family around during night one of the fair as she tasted and snapped shot some shots for her next review.  

She even posted a preview video on TikTok hours before the gates opened.

“I like to try and post before the event so I can try and let people know hey, this is happening, and this is what you can expect,” Caracciolo said.



She’s one of many digital creators making content at the fair posting things like food reviews, parking guides and go-to attractions.

“I have a full-time role in corporate communications. So, I try to keep this fun because I don’t want to make it feel like work,” said Caracciolo.

In total, her TikTok videos have gained over 500,000 likes and she has tens of thousands of followers.