Criminologist: Texas school shooting is reminiscent of Columbine massacre

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Santa Fe High School in Texas is the latest school in America to be touched by tragedy.

Authorities say the 17-year-old responsible for gunning down his fellow classmates and teachers confessed.

“With him surrendering to law enforcement it may give us some insight into what was going on is head,” said Dr. Amanda Parker, Homeland Security Professor at Campbell University.

Parker, who is a criminologist, says the Texas shooting is eerily reminiscent of the 1999 Columbine massacre.

“Is there a correlation between Columbine and those individuals and this gentleman? We don’t know,” Parker said.

She says it’s not uncommon for killers to be motivated by their predecessors. Parker believes the Santa Fe shooter may have copied the Columbine shooters by wearing a black trench coat, setting up homemade explosives and carrying out the crime with a shotgun.
“They had bombs that they had placed in backpacks in the cafeteria in Columbine and they did not go off and there were bombs that were placed at the school in Texas that did not go off,” said Parker.
Parker says school shooters are often victims of bullying. According to reports 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis was also bullied.
“We go from bullying where it used to be you and me in the playground and a couple people saw it and I would go home and you weren’t bullying me anymore and it was fine to where it’s 24/7 if bullying happens physically in the school system someone is taking a video and posting it on social media,” Parker said.
Parker believes social media has contributed to the rise of school shootings and teen suicides.

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