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'He left and he took off' - Fayetteville mom of 4 loses a leg in hit-and-run crash

A mother of four lost a leg and injured her other when a driver hit her motorcycle and drove off.

Amy Robarge is having several surgeries on her legs while she is at UNC Hospital.

Her husband, Jonathan Robarge, said the incident that happened so fast -- and has changed their lives forever.

“A gentleman cut us off,” he said. “We slow down and moved over and he continued to come over, pushing us into the guardrail and off the road.”

Jonathan Robarge said his wife, Amy Robarge, was thrown off their motorcycle as they headed from Spring Lake back to their home in Fayetteville.

She landed on the side of the road with blood pouring from her legs. The incident happened July 14 on N.C. 295 and Murchison Road in Cumberland County.

“He slowed down to where he saw what happened and he knew what happened,” he said. “Then, he left and he took off.”


One biker tried to chase the man, but he got away.

Jonathan Robarge, a firefighter, says they were leaving a grave site with other bikers known as ‘Silent Heroes," a group that honors other firefighters who have died while on duty.

The Robarges and their four children are adjusting to life as they now know it.

“[Amy] will cry that she's lost her legs but she's never giving up hope that she says she's going to walk,” he said.

Jonathan Robarge is asking for the public’s help. He believes the man was driving either a light blue or silver Mazda or Kia with a South Carolina license plate.

Despite the trouble this family is going through, Jonathan Robarge says it will not stop him from doing his job.

“Tomorrow, if he lived in the area where I worked I'd go and save him just like I have to,” he said. “Whether it's medically, whether it is a car accident, whether it was a fire, all my personal feelings would be put aside -- just to do my job.”

He said karma will do the rest.

Amy Robarge had another surgery Thursday. The family believes she could be at the hospital for another month recovering.

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