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'Hemp Farmacy' opens in Fayetteville; customers hope for healing

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) - A new store selling only hemp and hemp products opened its doors right in the middle of downtown Fayetteville Friday.

The store, "Hemp Farmacy," was crowded most of the day with people hoping the hemp could help them heal.

"I have a son who has had three spinal cord surgeries. He suffers from a great deal of pain, and I believe that something like this will help him greatly," said customer Angela Lenart.

Although it looks illegal, the owner says everything in the store is legal hemp.

"We will have green and flower available, which looks smells exactly the same as marijuana, but it does not have the THC content, so it's completely legal," said owner Raymond Toler.

The one problem is that some police officers won't know that nothing in the store will get customers high.

"You're average officer is not going to know the difference. We can detect marijuana and we know what marijuana looks like, but there's so many different derivatives of it — including synthetic marijuana — we can't tell the difference, " said North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sgt. Kevin Pearson.

He said that, if they detect the smell of marijuana, a person will have to go through a sobriety test. Toler is hoping what he is planning to do at his store will help avoid that.

"The packaging for our green does have a lab report on the back to show that it is legal and it has been tested," Toler said.

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