FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Cape Fear Valley Health system is preparing to part ways with more than 100 employees who are not yet vaccinated against COVID-19.

At last check on Friday evening that included 75 full-time employees, four part-time employees and 38 seasonal workers out of 7,500 total employees.

The unvaccinated workers include nurses and office staff.

“Well, if they decide not to be vaccinated then we will have considered them to have resigned, it is a condition of employment,” Cape Fear Valley Health CEO Mike Nagowski said.

The move comes following the hospital’s mandate that all employees be vaccinated, which was initially announced in August.

“Some people have said that they are vaccinated and we’re just waiting for them to bring us their proof and some people have said they’re still on the fence. We’ve had a handful of employees just come flat out and say ‘we’re not going to get vaccinated so we understand we won’t be part of the health system any longer’,” said Nagowski.

However, hospital leaders say if someone decides to get vaccinated after being let go management will welcome them back.

At last check on Friday evening, around 98 percent of Cape Fear Valley Health employees are vaccinated.

Officials say they don’t anticipate a staffing shortage when unvaccinated employees are let go.