FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WNCN) — Nine streets will be renamed as part of the project to rebrand central North Carolina’s sprawling military post as Fort Liberty.

Post officials on Friday outlined the streets receiving new names during the next several months because the old ones were tied to the Confederacy.

Among the thoroughfares being renamed:

— Bragg Boulevard will become Liberty Boulevard.

— Reilly Road will change to Rock Merritt Avenue.

— Randolph Street will become R. Miller Street.

— Armistead Street will change to Stiner Road.

— Alexander Street will become Gandara Street.

— Pelham Street will switch to Conde-Falcon Road.

— Jackson Street will become Merriweather Road.

— Donelson Street will change to Benavidez Street.

— Mosby Street will become Shachnow Lane.

Officials say the change to Liberty Boulevard reflects only the section that is on post.

Among those being honored by the changes are a D-Day jumper at Normandy in 1944, the former commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division and three posthumous Medal of Honor recipients.

Installations across the country that bear the names of Confederate officers are being renamed as part of a broad effort by the military to confront racial injustice.

The change to Fort Liberty becomes official June 2.